About Us

We are a family run independent dedicated to customer services and the safety of all of our customers.

Safety Check

As part of this service we ask you to check that you have a spare and that it is the right size for your vehicle, that it is pumped up to the correct tyre pressure and that you have the correct tools if you get a flat tyre.

Here at Estuary Tyre and Brake Centre you will always get the right advice with a large range of tyres and a variety of brands of rims for every budget and most vehicles. Our team has combined experience in passenger, 4×4, light and heavy truck tyres. We are able to procure most of the known brands to satisfy our customers’ requirements. We also specialise in wheel alignments on most makes and models, and some small trucks. Caster/Camber kits can also be fitted in-house to correct any wheel alignment issues you may have with your vehicle. We also cater for your battery needs with Century and Exide brands in stock.